Frequently Asked Questions

What is the table height?
The exact height of the dining room tables is 30.7 inches. If you are in need of any other special height you can contact us via mail and we could manufacture it to your needs. The possible lowest height is 8 inch the possible largest height is 42 inch in total. Looking forward to your questions!
What is the weight capacity of the classic chairs?
The chairs are made of solid wood material and can easily hold 400 lb.
What are the dimensional measurements between the legs on all sides (need for ada/wheelchair access)?
Let's do some math :)
Horizontally, the space between the legs is given by the plate size minus the leg size (both legs are 7.5 inch in total). For example, the 47x30 inch table yields: 47 - 7.5 = 39.5 inch free space for the long side and 30 - 7.5 = 22.5 inch for the short side.  
Vertically, the space between the floor and the crossbar is given by the table height minus the plate thickness (1.3inch) minus the crossbar (3.3inch) length. For example, the 47x30inch table yields: 30.7 (exact product height)- 1.3 (plate) - 3.3 (crossbar) = 26.1 inch. To be on the safe side - please calculate with 26 inch free space from floor to cross bar for this table.  
We do offer longer table legs for optimized table heights, please contact us with your specific needs.
What is the dimension of the crossbar/lip around the edge of the table?
Let's do some math :) The total table height is 30.7 inch. The table plate thickness is 1.3 inch. The crossbar/lip is 3.35 inch large. It could be worth checking out the dimensional measurement of your chairs if you plan to combine them with our great table. The free space between ground and frame is 26.0 inch.
Does the 39.4 inch bench fit underneath the 47 x 30 table? 
The 39.4 inch bench does not fit underneath the 47 x 30 table. If you plan on completing one of our tables with a bench you have the option to purchase the 47.2 inch table from the start. If you have already purchased a smaller table we do have an alternative bench that is smaller and fits underneath: a custom made 31.5inch bench. You would buy the regular 39.4 inch bench, let us know via mail what you need and we can manufacture the fitting bench without extra cost. The production takes additional 6 weeks for us because its a special piece. Looking forward to your contact!
Can the extensions be stored under the table while they are not in use?
Unfortunately, the extensions cannot be stored under the table as they are assembled in an on/off matter. You can see the extension's functionality in this video:
Can you customize the length of the legs?  
They are solid wood, so cutting them can be done. Contact us with your prefered product need and we can cut the legs for you. 
Do the benches have extensions?
The extensions are currently only available for tables.

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