Final Finish - how great tables can maintain the perfect surface!

In principle it is simple: the table surface can be treated in one of two ways for the perfect haptic experience. None of them are needed, they only make the experience and longevity of the table even better.

Option ONE:

You can seal the table surface with polyurethane/hard wax. We have tested various versions of wax and can recommend a hard wax type. "Clear satin" is a splendid choice that looked and felt particularly good: Osmo Satin Clear Polyx-Oil 3043

Some of our customers have tested other variations and recommended and specifically liked water based polyurethane: Varathane Water-Based Ultimate Polyurethane Half Pint Gloss Finish 8 Fl Oz  

Option TWO:

You can leave it as is - and simply care for it regularly with furniture oil. Here you keep the pine surface and can feel the natural wood. The oil of choice is "Old English" - combined with a cleaning spray for removal of possible residues from everyday use Guardsman Deep Clean

Personally - our TableChamp recommendation is the option TWO - to keep the great feel of natural wood and craftmanship. 

How do you like your table best?

Get in touch with us for any questions or comments - for the best haptic experience of your new furniture.