The Old English Oil & Guardsman Deep Clean

For treatment, we recommend using furniture oil. Your furniture should be cleaned, conditioned and protected in the best possible way. 

One of the best products to maintain solid pine wood furniture is the Old English Oil with a fresh lemon scent that is ideal for pine wood. It yields perfect results and nurtures your piece of craftmanship for the longevity it was created for. 

Built-up residues from everyday use can easily be cleaned using the all time favorite Guardsman Deep Clean Spray. It helps to protect from everyday stains and revitalizes the wood to bring out its natural beauty.

Solid Wood is not a homogeneous material. Each piece of solid wood has its own distinctive features. Real wood furniture therefore has special signs of origin and is unique. 

With this naturally grown material from Brazilian pine plantations you can expect color and structure differences, adhesions, irregularities, pressure points, branches, resin gall, small cracks as well as tension areas, which vary depending on the type of wood and growth area. These  authenticity features are what give the wood its natural beauty and make every piece of furniture unique. Once shaped into gorgeuous furniture and delivered to your home, wood reacts to fluctuating room temperatures and humidity. It “lives". Tensions in the wood as well as warping, shrinking or tearing of the wood can therefore not always be excluded. It is simply influenced by its environment. Our manufacturing quality assurance processes make sure that only the best looking natural wood parts are used for our beautiful furniture.


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