Why should you consider Brazilian Pine Wood for your Furniture?


Pine furniture is among the different types of woods being deeply considered before one buys their own wood furniture pieces. It comes from Pine Trees that can be found in different plantation located in different parts of the world. Craftsmen and Woodworkers alike share the value of Pine trees as it takes less care and have a shorter time to market, which enables growers to sell the wood at a lower price because of its turn around point. Because of this, sellers, makers and craftsmen rely on pine furniture because of its accessibility, versatility, durability and its unique characteristics that people can't find in any other varieties of wood.


Pine trees are considered a softwood tree, which means the wood is softer than hardwood varieties. It has a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock, which makes it a solid choice for many furniture pieces. Compared to a number of solid wood, it is easier to work with during the furniture building stage due to its softer nature.

Like oak, pine furniture has been around for some time. Traditionally, pine was used for Colonial, rustic and craftsman style pieces. That is changing with pine working for a variety of furniture styles, including contemporary pieces made by different craftsmen around the world sourcing from different plantations and creating different furnishing by capitalizing the unique wood grain that Pine Furniture showcases.

Pine is light in color, usually with a creamy white look and specific shades can vary somewhat. The light color makes pine easy to stain to achieve nearly any desired color and add a clear coat to protect the wood while letting the natural light color take center stage. One of the unique things about Pine is: it has a prominent grain with knots darker than the wood itself, which gives it a distinct look. Furniture Pieces vary from different designs and styles. But often than not, quality and longevity is what is needs and your furniture pieces must fit in accordance to your style and aesthetic.

Pine Wood is among a number of Types of Woods and designs. Pine Furniture has been a commodity because of its price, durability and versatility. Often than not, pine furniture has been more present than before. With the variation of designs, pieces, styles and different sets from different furniture collection can be found all around the world. With these in mind, different craftmen and wood workers have a vast space to play different variations of sizes, stiffness, color, design and shape.


Like any kinds of trees, Pine has their own charm. It has a strong, shock-resistant material suitable for furniture, particularly if you like the rustic or country styles. Over time, pine wood gains a patina that gives it an antique-like quality, which is an appealing look to some people. The dents and dings that are bound to show up in the wood just add to that aged look.

Overall, different types of wooden furniture are always a solid choice in funishing your house whatever your preference or aesthethic. Your choice for furniture still varies depending on what you look for keeping in mind the longevity and use of your solid wood.